Why Choose Talesha

10+ Years' Background – over a decade of experience helping clients’ cope with challenges and to be their personal best, whether it is was to help them make a career decision, manage their time better, acquire skills, manage stress, improve a relationship, or find work/life balance.

Fully Trained – I graduated with a Masters in Social Work from California Baptist University and a member of the National Association of Social Work where the facilitation of human development is the main focus while honoring Dignity and Worth of Persona, Integrity, Competence, Service, Social Justice, and Importance of Human Relationships, which are the core values of the social work profession. Many professionals in this field branch out to Life Coaching as we are uniquely qualified for this work due to our education.

Proven Results – I blend my rich experience, training, innate strengths, talents, and intuition to help my clients achieve great results.

My Own Work/Life Balance Struggle – in my career in the social service and non-profit worlds, I was continually faced with my own work/life balance challenges. I learned a lot about the importance of self-care, empathize with those who have suffered as I did, and am passionate about helping other professionals from various fields integrate the practices I developed to intentionally choose how they want to spend their time.

Personal – I’m a woman who has transitioned from married life to living a happy and full life after divorce. In my free time, I enjoy Pilates, cardio kickboxing, reading, and traveling.

Integrity – Period Point Blank. No need for a sales pitch. Just great coaching.

Life Coaching Consultation - If you're seriously considering working with a coach, please feel free to contact me. I'd love to get a sense for your coaching goals, talk about how we may be able to work together and answer any questions you might have.

Why Can Coaching Do For Me?

As we go through life, we live it expecting things to go according to plan; however, as we all know, life typically has other plans where we end up facing challenges, fears, and setbacks along the way. These difficult situations can lead us astray and result in unfulfillment, uncompleted goals, and unfulfilled desires.

These challenges can often set us back and/or leave us “stuck” where life ends up feeling like somewhat of a “struggle” where daily life is often lived out of desperation.

Life Coaching helps you get back on the path to living a life based on inspiration through the service of self-improvement. What happens when we live in a state of inspiration? We make decisions, take actions, and behave that supports our goals, aspirations, and helps us to live to our full potential in any endeavor we seek out.

What specifically can Life Coaching help you to do?

Clarify your goals and priorities

Improve your thinking

Strengthen your core values

Identify your strengths

Overcome your weaknesses

Capitalize on your strengths

Develop new strengths

Eliminate limiting thinking

Develop empowering habits

Improve your resiliency

Improve your social skills

Strengthen your relationship

Unlock your life’s purpose

…and much more!

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7-Day MindBloom Challenge

This FREE 7-Day MindBloom Challenge is a quick start in beginning the process for self-healing and self-discovery.


As a consultant, I work with teams, groups, boards, or agencies to provide my expertise in for a specific purpose or result. I utilize solution-focused skills to identify and correct problems or weaknesses, specifically in relation to stress management and organizational culture. My aim is to provide information and direction on how to effectively and efficiently achieve the agency’s goal to decrease staff burnout while increasing retention and service quality and staff productivity.

What can a Consultant do for me?

What can Consultation provide your agency?

Professional advice to help make your business or organization to achieve a culture of health and well-being

Professional recommendation on how to increase communication between employees and management

Professional advice on how to increase business or agency morale specific to the needs of the business or agency.

Collaboration on collecting data and utilizing data obtained to address specific business or agency challenges.

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